Wedding Playlist

What is a wedding reception without music? The first word to spring to mind is boring.

The Music is Everything

In today’s wedding reception, the music is everything. Thrill your guests with the perfect soundtrack, DJ, or wedding band and your reception is bound to be a huge success that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

It’s Okay To Choose Your Own Reception Music

Just like the bride and groom, weddings and music go hand in hand. The ritual celebration goes back about 5,000 years with different cultures playing their own traditional music. It has only been in the last century that wedding couples were able to choose their favorite music for both their wedding and reception. All bets are off when it comes to choosing your brand of wedding music. From country to rock and roll, classical to Broadway show tunes, whatever the bride and groom want to hear is acceptable. With that said, most people stick to the now classic playlists that say… I Love You.

Themes and Music add Excitement and Fun

Many people theme their wedding receptions to add to the fun and celebratory mood. This can make the playlist easier to pick, as in a fifties style wedding reception, (Think “Grease”) or harder if your theme is sports related. “Go Team!” The beauty of it is that it is completely up to you! However, if you are struggling with your playlists, here are a few ideas to get you started. You can choose one of these lists as is, detract and add songs, mix and match them to suit your tastes, or just use them to give you an idea of the kind of music you may want to enjoy during your wonderful wedding reception.

The Love Song Playlist

One of the first things that you and your new spouse to be can do together is to pick out the love songs for your reception playlist. Spending time alone while choosing the love songs that say what is in your heart will bring you closer together. Your reception will be even more special for the two of you when you hear your favorite songs and know that they were picked especially for or by you. Check out our love song playlist suggestions to get a few ideas of the kind of songs that you could choose for one another. See our Wedding Reception Playlist.

Dance Music Playlist

If there is one thing that most people look forward to at a wedding besides the free food, it is the opportunity to get out on the dance floor and strut their stuff. A great dance playlist is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a fun wedding reception. Our playlist suggestions are designed to bring out the best in your guests and get everyone out on the dance floor. This combination of oldies and contemporary dance music has something for everyone. See our Dance Music Playlist.

Playlist for your Reception DJ

If you have a DJ for your wedding reception then you are sure to have a great time. The wedding reception DJ will speak with you at least a week before the big day in order to have time to find the songs or type of music that you request. As a general rule, DJs have their own lists that they are passionate about but the wedding reception is the exception to the rule. It is your special day and they will do their level best to accommodate you and your desired playlist. The following playlist is filled with great music that will not be hard for the DJ to find and download. See our DJ Wedding Playlist.

Dinner Music Playlist

The dinner music playlist is designed to be listened to while the food is being served and enjoyed. This selection of great songs is perfect for those times when dancing is the last thing on your guest’s minds. If your reception is highlighting a great banquet, this is type of playlist you will want when the dinner trays are rolled out onto the floor. See our Dinner Music Playlist.

Wedding Band Playlist

There are few things about a wedding that are as exciting or fun than having a live band perform all of your favorite songs. The band adds so much to the reception in the way of music and announcements that they are a very desirable aspect of your wedding day planning. You will also have a great time screening bands and finding the perfect wedding band for your big day. Here is a playlist that is diverse yet filled with the kind of music wedding bands love to play. See our Wedding Band Playlist.

Inspiring Music for Your Big Day

The kind of wedding reception music depends upon the type or theme of the reception and the personal tastes of the Bride and Groom. In fact, the music is one of the most important aspects of planning your reception, and it’s just as important as bridal dress, flowers, menu, or invitation design. Many couples choose love songs that reflect the way they feel about each other, others have their guests in mind and choose party dance songs to keep the tempo upbeat and keep everyone on the dance floor. Still others follow the professional playlists chosen by the band or hire a band that can play what the happy couple wants to hear. With the rules out the window, the sky is the limit and mood is yours to set, mixing loves songs, dance, and even accepting requests from the guests is completely acceptable. Hopefully, the playlists we have presented will help to inspire you.

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