Wedding DJ playlist

Having a DJ at your wedding is a popular choice these days. Look for one who really knows how to get people motivated and can change things up when he or she has to in order to keep people interested and moving. With a DJ, you and your new spouse can focus on what is really important… each other. That is because a great DJ knows how and when to speed things up or slow them down when it is time for an announcement or toast. While most DJs have their own playlists, it is completely up to you what music is played during your reception. Here are some very popular songs you may want to suggest.

  1. Hall and Oats is always a great choice for a DJ because everyone knows the words to their popular tunes… especially songs like “Sara Smile” a plus if the bride’s name happens to be Sara but not necessary.
  2. The Bee Gees do it again! One of the ultimate wedding songs is also a danceable sing along and popular fan favorite. “How Deep Is Your Love” is a great wedding reception song for the DJ at your big celebration.
  3. Tell the world who your inspiration is with Chicago’s “You’re my Inspiration”.
  4. Sergio Mendez knew how to get the attention of lovebirds in the room with “Never Gonna Let You Go”. 
  5. If there is one thing a DJ loves to do… its break that slow motion moves and lay down a boogie song. That’s where Wild Cherry and “Play That Funky Music” comes in.
  6. Amy Grant and Peter Cetera know that the next time they fall in love it will be with each other. As for you, well… you’re spoken for. “Next Time I Fall In Love” (It’ll be with you).
  7. Speaking of Peter Cetera… “The Glory of Love” speaks for itself.
  8. If your wedding reception DJ has never heard of Spandau Ballet… fire him (or her) and get someone who will play… “True”.
  9. Elton John is always a good choice when it comes to a DJ playlist… especially when they play  “Your Song”.
  10. Phil Collins wrote and sang many good songs… but this one for Disney’s Tarzan was a sure fire wedding song playlist hit. “You’ll Be In My Heart”… nicely done!
  11. I Hope You Dance” by Lee Anne Womack is extremely popular with the dance crowd and DJ’s love it.
  12. Journey got it right with… “Faithfully”.
  13. Your DJ can have some fun with “A Little Bit Of… (Mambo #5)” by Lou Bega and so will your guests.
  14. Impress everyone with Dion and an oldie but goodie… “Run Around Sue”.
  15. When your DJ is ready to slow things down… he or she can’t go wrong with Rod Stewart and “Have I Told You Lately”.
  16. Making Memories of Us” is a great contribution by Keith Urban and should be at the top of your DJ’s list.
  17. Add something modern to your list. If people are still not on the dance floor until now, Rihanna is sure to get them moving.
  18. James Taylor checks in with “How Sweet It Is” (To be loved by you) and lets you know he is still going strong at receptions. This is a great after toast to the bride and groom song.
  19. Let Jon Bon Jovi have his say with “Livin’ on a Prayer”.
  20. Finally, Aerosmith can check in one last time because you… “Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”.

A DJ Keeps It Moving

This is one fun disc jockey wedding reception playlist that will keep your guests entertained and the party moving on ahead so you and your spouse can get on down the road. Leave everyone with a smile on their faces as the DJ quips along to the music and keeps them all on the edge of their seats as well as introducing the new bride and groom to the world. Have some fun with this one. Having a DJ at your wedding reception is worth the effort. DJ’s know how to party.

Finding A Great DJ

Finding a good DJ is as easy as speaking to your wedding planner, who should have a complete list of the local talent. If you are one of those intrepid and brave souls who is planning your own wedding, check out the wedding pages of your Yellow Pages. There are numerous clubs in the closest major city that use DJs and the managers of those will also have a list of the talent available in your area. Bridal shops and tux rentals will sometimes allow DJs to post flyers or a business card within their establishments. If you are part of a large family, chances are there is an up and coming DJ among your relatives who shows promise and talent. That would not only add a personal touch to your reception, it can also save you a ton of money since professional DJs do not come cheap.

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