Wedding Reception Playlist

The love song playlist is the most popular choice among young couples at weddings. There is something special about the first love, the one that is so special that you want to spend the rest of your lives in each other’s arms and love songs say this perfectly. We chose some of the greatest love songs of our generations and added them to this list, making sure to pick songs that guests of every age would recognize and enjoy. That is an important part of choosing a playlist… choosing one that every guest and wedding party member will know, love, and enjoy.

A List Your Guests Will Always Remember

Love Songs: Create your soundtrack to reflect the love you feel for one another as you start your journey together. Here are 20 love songs that are not your usual reception fare yet are sure to have your guests talking about your playlists for years to come. Make copies of your playlists in case your guests want to take one home. You can also include a copy as part of your wedding gifts to your guests. The love song playlist is appreciated more than any other kind of playlist that you can offer. Here is why…

  1. Let’s face it, some music was just made for wedding receptions. What could be more apt for a young couple just starting their life together than Karen Carpenter crooning, “We’ve Only Just Begun”.
  2. How about Minnie Riperton’s classic lyrics in “Loving You”.

    No one else can make me feel  The colors that you bring  Stay with me while we grow old  And we will live each day in the springtime

  3. Close to You” Again by the Carpenters, just about says it all when it comes to what is in a young girls heart when she looks at the man she is about to marry.
  4. Say I love you and get your guests out of their chairs and onto the dance floor with Firefall and “You Are The Woman” ( I knew it from the start).
  5. Ain’t No Woman” (Like the one I’ve Got) is the classic Four Tops standard that wedding guests love to sing along with.
  6. When it is time to slow things down a little, impassion the reception hall with Chicago, and… “If You Leave Me Now”.
  7. Yvonne Elliman adds love, heart, and soul to your reception with, “If I Can’t Have You” (I don’t want nobody baby).
  8. You will feel the love in the air when Elton John asks the question, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”.
  9. Frankie Valley melts your guest’s hearts and brings lovers out on the dance floor for some slow dancing with “My Eyes Adored You”.
  10. This line from the song says it all… This song is for you, filled with gratitude and love. The Stylistics sing “You Make Me Feel Brand New”.
  11. You just know the groom will insist on Billy Joel and… “She’s Always A Woman To Me”.
  12. L – is for the way you look at me, O- is for the only one I see, V – is very-very extraordinary E – is even more than anyone that can adore you. Nat King Cole says “L-O-V-E” (is made for you and me).
  13. It’s time to pull your guests back onto the dance floor and get their blood to pumping with “Dance With Me” by Orleans.
  14. Share a few moments with your new bride or new groom out on the dance floor alone. There is always room for “Precious and Few” by Sonny Geraci. One of the few standards on this list because, well, they just belong.
  15. As you start your new adventure, you just know that you will have it all, just like Bogie and Bacall. Bertie Higgins and “Key Largo” make the list thanks to some fantastic and apt lyrics.
  16. Marvin Gaye is a must show on any playlist including this one with “Let’s Get It On”.
  17. She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love. What more can you say other than Van Morrison and “Crazy Love” make your playlist complete.
  18. What better way to show appreciation for the woman of your dreams than “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapman.
  19. What better way to show appreciation for the man of your dreams than Whitney Houston and “I Love You”.
  20. When it is finally time to send the happy couple sailing off into the sunset, Christopher Cross does it in style with… “Sailing”.

The Playlist for All Ages

This mixture of classic oldies and newer love songs are the perfect mix for a killer wedding reception soundtrack that includes love songs for him, her, and them. The songs are designed to get every age on your guest list out onto the floor for some slow and close dancing and fast boogie moving and grooving. If you really want to see the dance floor burn up, check out this Dance Playlist for weddings.

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